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Fractal visionaries:

Here is the formula and parameter file of my latest fractal of the day. I have also posted the finished image to ABPF for those of you who have been requesting that I do so.  The subject of the ABPF posting is "Fractal of the day, 22-04", the same as the subject of this posting.  I really should have been doing this all along. When my web page is up and running in a few months, I'll post my best images there also.

I found today's fractal formula more or less by lucky accident while noodling around with random numbers. To get the full feeling of the picture, imagine yourself an intrepid explorer of an alien world.  You have just landed deep in an ancient crater and are climbing to the rim.  Gradually, the sky is coming into view.  Suddenly, you see above the rim these unearthly shapes, streams of energies flowing from nowhere to nowhere.  What does it mean?

You'll never know!

As is apparent by this time, I am a surrealist. I suppose many fractal artists are. I love those vast empty landscapes, but more the peaceful yet mysterious ones of Yves Tanguy than the sensationalized ones of Dali.

Are fractals mere mappings of reiterated formulas -- yes!  Are they works of art -- yes!  They are works of art because their creators declare them to be so.  If an object owes its existence to a human being, and if at least one person finds pleasure in it, then that object is art.  The very concept of art is a human invention; the very fact that people are debating whether fractals are or are not art, makes them art.

Everything in the universe is a work of art; indeed, the universe itself is the grandest artwork of all.  If anyone still doubts that fractals are art, let him show that non-art exists. Let him present one object that could not in some way be appreciated as art.

Jim Muth

START FORMULA===================================================

Unseen_Astrals     { ; time=0:00:03.85-SF5 on P4-2000
  reset=2004 type=formula formulafile=basicer.frm
  formulaname=other passes=t center-mag=-0.738637/\
  0.586415/4.020715/1/-53/0 float=y maxiter=430
  inside=255 periodicity=10
  XUWZWW`YWaZVc`VeaXgbZhzzz }

frm:other {; Jim Muth
|z| <= 100 }

END PARAMETER FILE==============================================