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If you love challenging word puzzles, word search, crossword, themes, and trivia, try the free printable CrosScan puzzles on this website.

In CrosScan, the items in the list are clues. The answers are found in the letter block.

Each puzzle has a theme, and every answer will fit into this theme. The theme is hidden through the use of double meanings in the clues, and will gradually emerge as the puzzle is worked.

When all the words are found and circled, the leftover letters spell out a short quote relating to the theme.

For maximum enjoyment, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly read the Instructions before beginning.

 CrosScan Solving Instructions

DO NOT start with Clue #1, then Clue #2, etc. This is the most difficult way to solve CrosScan. Instead, follow these simple steps:

1. Find a word in the letter block. As in any word search puzzle, words can be read backwards, forwards, up, down or diagonally.

2. Count the number of letters in that word. Go to the list, and find the clues which have that number indicated in parentheses.

3. Match the word you found with the clue that most nearly describes it. Check off the clue, and circle the word in the letter block.

4. You may find it easier to look for words on diagonals first, because they will be harder to spot when there are many letters circled.

5. There are a few words in the letter block that do not match any clues. Do not circle those words.

6. Each puzzle contains a "star," in which the words coming from every direction meet in one central letter. If you see a partial star, it should steer you to several new words.

Look for the Star.

7. When you find enough words to discover the theme, you should be able to work back and forth, using clues to find appropriate words.


I saw these interesting puzzles from CrosScan and thought I would try them out. They turned out to be very good, not just a neat idea. Crosswords are usually too hard or too easy for me, and word searches are always too easy. These crosscan puzzles turned out to be just right. I really didn't expect this, but really appreciate it. The main idea is this: The clues are like crossword puzzles, but all of the answers are in the form of a word search. The benefit is that if you can't think of the answer from the clue, you can still find it in the word search. If you do think of the answer from the clue, you still have to find it. Unlike a word search, you don't see a list of answers, but a list of clues.

There is a number after each clue to tell you how long the word is. All of the answers to a puzzle are related in some way, which helps you narrow down the harder answers. Also, after all of the answers have been found, the uncircled letters form a quote that relates to the theme of the puzzle, which also helps you finish the puzzle at the end. Each puzzle tells you on which page you can find the solution. The clues and answers all turned out to be reasonable (unlike many crazy crosswords that I've tried to solve). Having tried many novel puzzles out and been mildly disappointed, I really appreciate finding this gem.

Chris McMullen (Louisiana, USA)

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